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Partners Wanted!

Helium, but not only Helium!

If Helium is the foundation of your business concept but you may also be the member of an Investment Club or you build a LoRaWAN network you probably maintain a big number of equipment. You expect professional technical support, software that will allow remote access to any device, efficient training and specific terms of conditions. 

We invite you to cooperate with us. JM elektronik has been operating on the B2B market for 30 years. We attach particular importance to long and fruitful cooperation with our business partners. We can offer individual conditions of cooperation that may improve your Helium share. 

Before the idea of using LoRaWAN technology in cryptocurrency mining appeared, we had delivered thousands of Kerlink gateways to the largest smart metering and smart city projects in Poland that use LoRaWAN technology. 

We can help you to make a decision whether you need SPN, WMC or other type of LoRaWAN management software in your project. 


In addition to Kerlink products our portfolio includes sensor items from Adeunis and Bosch Sensortec.


We not only supply LoRaWAN devices but also application consulting at the highest technical level. Additionaly, if you wish to implement your own sensors, we will manufacture them for you. 

Benefit from our experience and top your competitors! 

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