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Check out the promotion for Kerlink Wirnet iFemtoCell-Evolution Helium Miner indoor gateway. Available in stock!

We believe that LoRaWAN wireless communication technology can become even more popular. Cryptocurrencies are contributing to the spread of IoT around the world. 

The Helium network was created by US-based Helium Systems in 2013. In order to build the world's first peer-to-peer wireless IoT network. LoRaWAN was chosen as the leading technology at the time, and the network was named LongFi. In the case of Bitcoin, it is necessary to consume large volumes of energy in the computational processes of computers. In the case of Helium, miners are rewarded for sharing coverage and transmitting data. 

Although cryptocurrencies are currently going through a period of weakness due to the world entering a crisis caused by war, high prices of energy and the expected increase in food prices, according to experts, they will regain their value over time.  

For entrepreneurs, whether IoT manufacturers or investors, who want to start their adventure with the possibilities of Helium network, we have prepared a special promotional offer.


Kerlink Wirnet iFemtocell-Evolution Helium miner in special price 519 Euro (regular price 612 Euro) >> 

The offer is valid until 17.06.2022 or while stocks last. Offered gates are available directly from our warehouse!

Kerlink gates are already working in thousands of units in Poland in most Smart City and Smart Water Metering projects. Kerlink is one of the leading participants in the global project LoRa Alliance standardizing the directions of development of this technology. Manufacturing in Europe allows to be sure of high quality and real compliance with the standards required for radio equipment. 

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